Bobblehaus is a classified as sustainable, genderless; retail and creative space. In this collaboration we drew inspiration out of the elements of fire, water, air and earth to create an augmented reality for their new clothing products.   


For this campaign I created a full 3d character for the air element. This character was then animated and the clothing simulated to create a short video for social media. 

For "fire" we wanted something that captured intensity and warmth. We created a world of fire butterflies, fireflies, lightning, meteorites and dragons. All of these elements integrated into the image background and photoshoot composition creating a sense of storytelling and depth. 


Drawing inspiration from super hero poses and "water bending" , this element was focused on flow and refraction. The contrast of the industrial background and the water elements bring an interesting juxtaposition.  
In this hyperrealist/psychedelic earth rendition we tried to convey the bliss and intensity of nature 
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