Natural order is a personal project that was presented in Spain and Mexico. 
It is an audiovisual piece 
Through evolution we have learned to look for patterns as means for our survival, finding this patterns grant us with predictability, linearity and an apparent control over our reality. Captivated by control, we have generated tools for categorization of our reality by synthetically isolating the information that we want and disposing of the rest. Having this compulsive behavior of pattern seeking, how can we -as humanstell if we haven’t conditioned our behavior in a way to be analyzed with the same eye? Natural Order explores chaos in relation to our cognitive processes. Using experimental animation and symbolism, the themes of failed reductionism, sensitivity to initial conditions and strange attractors are explored in an effort to accept our true nature as chaotic systems. The gallery of objects are extrusions of the video’s objects as its main theme, it follows upon the main themes of the video and catalyzes understanding.
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